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It's not without some small measure of regret that I throw away some of the things I'm finding in my room.

In a minor departure from the aforementioned plan (mostly so that I can no longer measure myself against targets that I know I will fail), I've started clearing out some of the things from under my bed.

One of the boxes holds those things that have some significant emotional value attached to them (often arbitrarily). Largely relating to past relationships. Right now, I'm finding it difficult to remember exactly why I kept a lot of these things (a habit I quit after I broke up with Jen), though I guess it was just another form of keeping a journal. Receipts from grocery stores, bags from Hot Topic, AmTrak tickets, all those things that conjoured up specific images and stories.

But to be honest, these aren't things that I need to keep. The important things to take away from past relationships are the feelings, the lessons, the emotional growth etc., and I can have all that without needing to keep boxes of "stuff".

A couple of things I feel I should just mention before I bin the related article though.. First off, a shopping list, written on the back of a note, with
Soda and water (root beer)
Chips Ahoy cookies
Hamburger meat
Chips (Ruffles)
Carpet Squares
Which relates to the night we went camping (the first time I ever saw a chipmunk)... There's also a receipt here for the dress I bought Jen... Oddly, I've also found my provisional driving license, valid from 19.11.1998 to 30.11.2051... Guess that means that with a set of L-Plates, I could still go out for a spin. Maybe not. Still, I'm not throwing that away.. :o)

I've also found a ticket to the event at the Star & Garter on 24.06.2001 with David etc... That was the night that I tried to kiss Jude. The band were called Makeshift, apparently.. I've also just found my old headphones, the really great ones that hook around my ear, that I've not seen in years.. Let this be a lesson to stop putting things where I won't find them... Those are saved from the bin too.

Then there's my ticket from when I went to the US at the end of 2001..
Departs: Heathrow T4 25Dec01 19:45
Arrives: John F Kennedy 25Dec01 22:30
Ah yes, my night homeless in New York at Christmas... Interesting times :o)

And in truly awesome news, I've just located "Like You Do, The Best Of The Lightning Seeds".. Sorry Anna for accusing you of losing it, looks like you found it, gave it back to me, and I put it "somewhere safe".. Similarly I've just found The Beautiful South - Carry On Up The Charts (which I downloaded recently to replace the copy I thought I'd lost). This is working out quite well :o)

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the receipts i have are so worn i can't make out what's on them anymore... and i've got this broken watch. what do i do with that? =)

I know, I had the same problem... The Hot Topic ones were okay, but Giant and Wal*Mart ones had faded to blank pieces of paper..

As for the watch - does it still tell the time?

yes, it does tell the time. it's slowing down, though. could use new batteries and it would be fine.

This is the first time I've been any where near your journal in ages and there's two posts about stuff I remember, mental. And I had totally forgotten about you trying to kiss me until I read that.

How long ago?
Very long ago.
Hope you're well :)

I tried to forget myself, what with how you then went and kissed Ste... ;o)

Though I got there first :oP

How are you doing? :o)

sorry :>

I am allright thank you, and yourself?

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