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After the pouring rain in the early hours of this morning, it's actually rather nice out right now...

Next time somebody tells you that they only regret the things they didn't do, invite them to jump off a cliff. Force them if necessary. That "try anything once", "only regret missed opportunities" mindset irks me.. I'm well aware that I used to subscribe to said mindset, but I've since adopted a somewhat more rational philosophy, which states quite clearly that anything can become a regret.

But back to the weather.. I had a dream where it was summer, and I was by the coast, possibly with Kate Hudson, and a couple of people from work. We were all competing in some sort of contest, which mostly involved running around in the sun, doing a bit of swimming, and some bizarre marbles game at the end. But the main point is that it got me nostalgic for the summertime. Sitting around in a park, reading a book, watching the ducks...

But then, in true "want what you can't have" style, I always get nostalgic for the season that it isn't. I spend the Winter wishing it was Summer, and vice versa. Right now, I can see the appeal of the summertime far more - walks along the beach in the sun, Frisbee tournaments, etc. Pretty much all the fun and interesting things I've done in my life happened in the summer. All Winter has is my birthday, Christmas, and rather earlier memories of playing in the snow (back when I lived somewhere that actually gets snow).

It's odd, my favourite things in the world are "things that remind me of when I was little", though the definition of "little" is open to interpretation.. To be honest, I like anything that reminds me of any time more than a couple of years into the past. Live in the past? Me? Pfft!

Today's plan is to tidy my room... we'll see how that works out - I have to get everything ready for moving tomorrow... That will mean no Internet, but that might be for the best. It means I can spend a load more time at work without distractions. Anyway, best get to it...

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possibly with Kate Hudson

*scowls* Stick to you own favourite actresses!

Hey, if I could have had Ms Knightley and Ms Portman, I would have had ;o)

But it wasn't that sort of dream anyway... we were team-mates!

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