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Shopping Lits
Because I love spending money..

Toilet paper
Hand towel(s)
Lavatorial freshinator
Soap (x2)
Washing up liquid
Tea towels
Kitchen foil
Cling film

Essentials I can take with me

Eri, feel free to add to my lits :o)

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Soap = Handwash :p

Shower gel
Washing up sponges
Kitchen roll
Washing powder tablet things
Pen and paper


Shower gel

Or, in my case, shit loads of stuff from Lush for the nice relaxing baths I will be enjoying :o)

I already have boxes of the stuff in your room :P

so when is it that you actually move?

I can start moving my stuff in now (the next visit to the flat is tomorrow, with the aforementioned essentials), my tenancy where I'm living right now runs out at the end of December.. so sometime between the two

cool, bet you cant wait. moving is one of the most stressful things but hope it all goes well. then you can spend 2005 in your own flat :-)

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