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So, I phoned the doctor at 11:32, thinking that they surely couldn't have given away all their afternoon appointment slots. Oh, but they had.

So I have to phone up at 8:30am tomorrow, to see if I can get a morning appointment then. Until that time, I've opted for trying to sleep as much as I can, whenever possible, so that I don't get into the same situation I was in last night..

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Why don't you go see the nurse instead?

But, erm, I don't think you get the jist how this works.

Doctors: Book appointment. Wait. Ages. Die
Nurse: Typically go in and see them straight away. If they don't know what's wrong they get a doctor to look over you. Therefore, bypassing the whole boring waiting procedure. Win win!

i work at a practise and the book on the day thing is the best bet here, none of our nurses are free until january. at least with booking on the day you get to see someone soonish even if its a massive gay hassle

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