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Merry Christmas, little boy
Okay, let me clarify something.. this latest crisis, possibly induced by hypochondria, does not in any way contradict my previously stated goal of living forever. And I don't mean that " the heats and minds of.." crap, I mean the actual sense. The lesson learned from the King in The Little Prince is that one can only have expectations within the realm of the possible, anything else is just inviting disappointment.

So I do intend to live forever, but part of that is not pissing about and avoiding doctors. The route to long life is eternal vigilance. Or is that the price of freedom?

Quite why my mood should change, I don't know. I'm in exactly the same situation as I was an hour ago, after all. And in the same situation as a while back, thinking about it..

So we'll just see, I guess.


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