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I was reading Penny Arcade earlier, and it reminded me of a time when I was actually capable of writing in an interesting way.. now I'm reduced to stealing what other people say:
I'm not sure why I felt the need to prove the validity of the machine to Brenna, but the pressure was there. At around fifty or sixty bucks, Pod or "Single Serve" coffee machines are situated in that sub one-hundred region which occupies a unique conceptual space, like a radical new form of matter. I feel entirely comfortable making any number of purchases one hundred dollars or less. For some reason, that is below the radar of retail wisdom.
She is highly resistant to technology, and (as I have suggested) believes it to be a force for evil in the world. Indeed, when things do not function as advertised, she seems to think of me as being in some loose alliance with Technology, attributing to me its global havok and congealed human woe.
One always imagines that evil outcomes will always have explicit portents. We have been tricked by cinema and literature into thinking the ground will crack prior to some hideous event. For the record, this is not true. It's not true at all.
And finally..
It came with a "mild" roast and a "medium" roast, which present a wild inversion of expectations. Imagine that mild and medium are points in a continuum of hideous mouth crimes. The Mild is actually the only potable version, precisely because it tastes less like their product's theoretical maximum! Medium tastes like the mud in which dead men lie. I haven't even bothered with the Dark roast, whose flavor I imagine is somewhere between devil piss and liquid gonorrhea.
I was probably never able to write quite that well, but I was certainly closer to it a few years ago than I am now.. Though in all fairness to myself, that was when I took a few months off uni to concentrate on writing, sometime around early 2002 (having decided that it was better to just admit I wasn't going to attend, and find something else to do, rather than repeat a cycle of intending to go, not bothering, and doing nothing with my time).

Sadly, I don't have the time to think creatively at the minute - it all goes into my work. Which reminds me - I'm meant to be asleep right now...


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