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No, not mine. Just a general exclamation... My phone line is proving harder to install than they first thought - the guy said that he can either give the job back to BT, and they'll send somebody over either tomorrow (unlikely) or sunday, or he can come back Sunday himself. Well, since he knows the situation and stuff, I have decided to just wait until Sunday. So, at about 8am on Sunday morning, all things going well, he'll come back, and sort out the line. So until then, still paying for Internet access.

In other news, there is no other news :o)

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BTW, whatever happened to those pics of your arse you've been threatening? 8-)

I made it viewable by you if you're logged in - log in, and go back through my journal a bit ;o)

*wheeze, gasp*

*unsure whether to applaud or salute*

THAT is a quality rump, that one. :-D

'save picture as....'


I suddenly feel all self conscious...

And if I see my arse in alt.binaries.erotica.arse, then I shall know it was you. Not that I monitor that group or anything... ;o)

I suddenly feel all self conscious...

This feeling will pass as your modelling career takes off, dear ... 8-D 8-D 8-D

And if I see my arse in alt.binaries.erotica.arse, then I shall know it was you. Not that I monitor that group or anything... ;o)

What a shame, I'm the moderator....*

*wishful thinking. ;-)

Modelling for over-sized pants, no doubt... My arse is way too big, in my opinion :o(

THAT arse is too big????????

Dude, are you sure you don't do drugs??????

Get serious, that bum is art. Seriously. Damned nice all around. 8-) You should be an underwear model.

Yes, my arse is too big.

I'm very sure I don't do drugs. Although the skeleton sat next to me last night might disagree with the conclusion that I don't halucinate from time to time ;o)

And my bum is not art - otherwise, I'd have been told this before.

Bullshit, you have a lovely bum, and if you haven't heard that yet, the only reason is because you haven't showed it off enough.

Now shaddap, or as the Official President of the James' Bum Appreciation Society, I shall be forced to spoon you!!!

People have sometimes referred to me as "bubble butt", among other things. This suggests that they've noticed it, and are not impressed.

And spoon all you like - you'll have to find me first ;o)

Hmph. I'll bet they only call you Bubble Butt because you make sure a big deal out of your bum. ;-)

*readies the electro-spoon* Mwahahahah .... 8-)

I didn't make a big deal out of it until they started doing that a lot. Oh well, I ignore it now, if it ever happens (which is rare)

As for the Electro-Spoon - Shocking ;o)

Well, I think it's a LuvButt. ;-)

You think the electro-spoon is shocking??? You innocent little dear ... you wait until you see the VibroSpoon ... 8-D

Aww, thanks, you're so sweet...

Ooh, bring that one along too ;o)

*laughing* *big hug*

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