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"I'm not fickle, I'm merely a victim of exceptional circumstances"
Ah, it's funny looking back on it all.. Reminding myself that there was a time when I allowed myself to feel guilt, or more to the point, bring myself to admit it.

Disregard - this is all nostalgia-induced crap, brought on by tidying up some of my room earlier..

I suppose the main thing is that I used to allow myself a little depth.. If that's actually what it was - personally I suspect that it might have just been angst, masquerading as depth so that I could feel more interesting, back when I cared. Mood swings are fine up to a point, but they're shit if you actually want to do anything with your time.

Compared to all that, I'm so very numb right now.. which isn't so much to say that I feel nothing - rather that what I do feel is pretty unchanging. A while ago, I'm sure I said something about stability being overrated. These days, it's a comfort, a necessity.. Knowing that life isn't going to change drastically, and that I'm not about to throw myself into an emotional chasm, means that there are far fewer things to worry myself over.

I had somewhere I was going with this, but I've since lost it..


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