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I love this.. I know it's an old article, but it brings up the same stupid point that so many people try to make...

"insisting that people should be free to spend their money how they wanted."

It's not your money, puny customers. It's our money. Muahahahaha!!

But seriously, it's annoying.. Or when people talk about how they don't trust us with their money any more. They've got it the wrong way around - we're trusting them with our money, and trusting that they'll be able to pay it back after they've spent it all.

And on a similar theme..

"Her court filing states that American Express [...] should have known that she was acting impulsively and irrationally at the time she entered into contract"

So what, we're expected to sanity check people now? Note that she ran up a debt smaller than the sum total of her assets, which means she was pretty rich. If we're sanity checking people, we should also start clue checking potential customers - perhaps a short psychometric analysis just to make sure that they're not morons or something..


An industry that doesn't welcome the stupid and the mentally ill is an industry that's losing 90% of potential consumers.


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