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I know Norfolk is boring, but come on!
Oh dear lord

This is too much, really..

"Goths love wearing black - whether it's black clothes or make-up because they like to look different from other people."
"After a while I saw a few goths in a group outside McDonalds I thought that they looked really cool. After a while I decided to try and dress like it"

"Now I dress like a goth all the time and love lots of types of music including Slipknot Murder Dolls, Cradle of Filth and lots more."
.. so, one type then

"I like to do magic spells and to look at runes books."
Note your average goth child cannot read a book, they just look at the pictures.

Honestly.. I just don't have the words...

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Oh, mercy me.

Haha, "mercy", how punny!

It's DARK HUMOUR!!!!1!

What an utterly moronic child. She'll grow up to be such a worthless adult, too.

I am rather embarrassed to say that on the rare occasion when I leave uni and go home, I do infact, go to Norfolk.

I feel ashamed :/

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