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I've been working out my general cashflow..

It's difficult to work out exactly, because I've been running at a loss for a little while now, and it's hard to know exactly how much money I'll need.. Once I'm in my new place, I'll have better food storage options, easy access to my own kitchen, etc.. I can basically cook food and be in my bedroom and in my sitting room all at the same time, which eliminates a lot of the motivation to snack.

I mean basically, all I'll have to do is go to the supermarket once a week, stock up on everything I'll need, and I'll have cupboard, fridge and freezer space at home to store that. Then cooking it is as simple as walking across my room. Easy!

Whereas right now, I'll walk to the shop at the end of the road and buy snack food, or I'll go up to budgens and buy expensive microwaveable pizza. Not good..

From what I can see, my rent-related payments are going to go up from £400pm to £650pm, whereas my pay is going up by more than the difference. So I'll be in a better position (and hopefully not running at a loss), and hopefully my circumstances will encourage better behaviour.

We'll see...

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Then cooking it is as simple as walking across my room. Easy!

You're aware that you actually have to *do* the cooking as well, right? :p

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