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Thought I'd at least look back at what I was up to this time for the last few years, in case it was more interesting..

Woke up at 1pm having missed two compulsory seminars, following a night of clubbing ('twas the night of the vodka jelly that Vicky and I made). I still found Eminem to be acceptable in an ironic way, and was at least trying to eat vaguely properly

No mention was made of university whatsoever.. However, I did buy Civ3, which I still like to play from time to time.. I was really enjoying living in Brighton, and was very taken with Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.

No mention of uni again. Went to frisbee practice, shortly before the South-East Regional Indoor Student Qualifiers.. From what I can remember I was quite obviously after at least three people (Adele, Cat and Rachel), with varying degrees of success...

I was celebrating having been with Eri for four months, won £100 for the Balance Transfer Reset database I made, found that I was going to be made permanent with Lloyds, and was told that at some point I'd be learning how to calculate interest for customers.

So no then ;o)

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Not Mohawks Adele, surely...

Of course Mohawks Adele.. Back in the day, I had ever so many issues over that, what with her being Jimbo's girlfriend and everything.. :o)

Bah, it's all way in the past..

It had certainly evaporated long before Rimini, otherwise it would've been rather pervy sharing a hotel room with just her, Vicky and Penny ;o)

I think it's your lack of penis which excused the hotel arrangements, not anything to do with Adele.

The only things you ever said to me about her were... well, less than flattering. I should have known...

That all relates to certain.. incidents.. back when she was going out with Jimbo. It's possible that at the time I had a low opinion of her. That doesn't meant to say that I didn't want her anyway, nor that my opinion of her didn't improve over the year.

As James's PENISASL doctor, I can assure you that he has plenty of penis. He buys it at the docks on a twice-weekly basis.

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