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It's weird, I've only spent two days working with the guys from Glasgow, and already my inner monologue speaks with a Scottish accent.. Then again, it's no surprise - other than interactions at work, the only other exposure to accents comes from the sheer volume of US TV that I download - by comparison, the proportion of English accents in all that is quite small..

I have to say, I'm really enjoying what I'm doing at the minute.. I'm basically designing two linked databases, but with the current schedule the first one doesn't even have to go live until the new year, which means I can concentrate on building it right first time (as opposed to my usual method of building something that works at a basic level, and then expanding on it).

And fraud stuff is looking good right now.. the system has been improved to cut out the problems we were experiencing before, and right now it's pretty impenetrable. Which is why I've upgraded my detection system considerably, by scrapping everything I had before, and starting again from scratch. It's equivalent to the decision that Creationism is superior to Evolution - knowing in advance what you need means you can build exactly that. The old system could have been modified to suit, but with every modification comes the cost of small bugs that can creep in, along with the fact that each change is limited in scope. Starting again means you can get it right first time..

In case people don't realise that I'm aware of it, I do know that this is all very tedious and not the least bit interesting to anybody who isn't me. But right now, there's no emotional contrast in my life, everything is just constantly great. Add to that the fact that life has been reduced to a routine of going to work, coming home, sleeping, going to work....

So yes, basically, I know that nobody but me cares about the crap that I so frequently talk about, but in the absence of any fantastic tales of adventure and emotional rollercoasters, this is all there is. From my point of view, looking back on it in a few years, it'll be nice to actually have something, even if it does just amount to me taking the minutes of my day to day life.

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Is it incredibly sad that I don't find it entirely tedious? Yes, I suppose it is.

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