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When I'm talking to people online, I get inarticulate, and start mumbling in words of two syllables or less. Is this true? Do I turn into an idiot in chat situations? I do hope not :o)

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Who cares, baby?

You're hot! *huggles*

I was simply pointing a fact ... not that it matters.

You never used "inarticulate" in MSN Messenger before. Just saying ... :o)

quite right

i noticed it

you sometimes chat like you're only running on two brain cells



The only explanation I can come up with is that I chat online much like I speak in real life - in a significantly "dumbed down" form. It's a defence mechanism against being prejudged as a smart-ass.

On my journal, however, it's more like writing a report than just talking to somebody, so I'm able to be more expressive without feeling self-conscious. Or something...

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