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So it's come to this..
Recent projects have forced me to re-evaluate the methods I use for coding stuff... I spent much of today doing programming on paper, just working out flow charts showing how it all works. I feel dreadful!

So here it is - this is what I worked on this evening.. There's barely any functioning code - just calls to subroutines and a process map.. this is what programming has become for me... :o\

Fraud BT Process Map

Now tomorrow all I have to do tomorrow is actually build it from scratch before work and during whatever breaks I have, just for fun...


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As a true blue make-it-up-as-you-go-without-comments-spaghetti-code coder, I laugh at what you've been reduced to.

(And then I remember that you make a crapload of money now, and get kind of depressed about that.)

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