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"I voted for Bush because he's a religious fundamentalist, unlike those religious fundamentalists that I hate."

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Let me guess, a George W. quote?

Oh well, get over it.

Well, I'd rather have bush as president than kerry that can never make up his fucking mind, claims he was against gay marriage, but then he said they should have the same privileges as a man and woman getting together,and i'd rather have bush as president because he's against abortion . So what if he has strong moral values? Its what this world needs. And if Americans are becoming stupider,how come MOST Americans know that the damn constitution was built on religion?

10,000 Iraqis dead = Strong moral values


The constitution, when last I checked, is supposed to guarantee separation between church and state.

And abortion is fun, try it sometime...

Re: Oh well, get over it.

Osama bin Laden has strong moral values. Adolf Hitler had strong moral values. Now shut up before I abort you.

Some guys are just hot. They shouldn't talk too much. It really ruins it!

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