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Tom, me, Matt, Andrew, Phil, James, from my ball



Chuck Capps




Anna G and Shimi


Alsø Me

Marcel "The Medium Tank is an Abrams!!!11"


More me - check out the ears!

Y-Wing 3D Studio Max model

A-Wing 3D Studio Max model

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Oh well that's lovely. How fugly was I eh? Not a patch on the gorgous young man that I have now become.

Oh and further to random text messages sent your way yesterday evening...

I was out in Thame last night with the missus, she specifically wanted to meet up with a friend of her's called 'Helen'(Hawarth) who she had not seen in about five years. Upon meeting small talk begins, she talks about looking on Friends Reunited for people she used to know. And says "Do any of you two know of James Webley? I was looking at his details, he's got brink pink hair and he's involved in some frisbee team in Brighton" which startled me a bit. I didn't actually recognise her from Lord Williams's until she showed me a picture of her when her hair was much much shorter.

Hardly groundbreaking news there but still. Thought that counts.


Ahh...the good old days-I remember them well - look though - the pictures of me needs to go!!

Those were the days (or indeed some days, I'm not sure which :o) )

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