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Or, you might prefer...
KLF is gonna rock you, 'cos you hafta
Move to the flow of the P D blaster
Bass ballistics . . . I'm gonna kick this HARD
An' you can catch it
Down with the crew crew
Talkin' 'bout the MU MU
Justified Ancient Liberation Zulu
Got to teach, an' everything you learn'll
Point to the fact that time is Eternal
Sample city, through Trancentral
Basic face kick, elemental
Swings, brings new technology
The K the L the F and the 'ology
The force comin' down with mayhem
Lookin at my watch, time 3 A.M.
Got to see that everywhere I turn will
Point to the fact that time is Eternal

Having mastered End Of The World As We Know It and Ice Ice Baby, this is my next (mini-) project... Then to get them to play it in a club somewhere...


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