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On the subject of feeling like a kid, it's not helped when my MP3 collection includes the first album I ever owned..

The first album I owned being Chorus by Erasure, bought for me for my tenth birthday, December 1991. I do have the original casette, but I bought the CD a couple of years back too for good measure.

It's funny, I can still track my taste in music back to around 1990 or thereabouts.. I used to listen to the radio when I was about eight years old, and gradually started to form my own opinions on the music I liked independently of what my parents listened to.. I'm aware of having listened to music in 1990, but I think the first time I really liked any specific songs came in '91.. Songs like Love to Hate You by Erasure, Sit Down by James, Sailing on the Seven Seas by OMD, More Than Words by Extreme, Word of Mouth by Mike and the Mechanics, Size of a Cow by The Wonderstuff, and Joyride by Roxette..

Looking at a timeline of popular music in the UK charts, I must have started fairly early in '91, since by the time Right Said Fred released I'm Too Sexy, it certainly wasn't included in the list of songs that I consider to have been influencial as I started building up my knowledge of music.

Probably the best way I can pin down when I started really listening to music would be to go for March 1991, when Sailing on the Seven Seas by OMD was released. That'd be when I started to actually understand how music worked, because I vividly remember hearing their next single, Pandoras Box, when that came out in June of that year.

But thinking about it, the three bands that I really got into and followed for '91 and subsequently '92 were Erasure, OMD and The KLF, all of which were synth pop/rock bands, which was quite a departure from anything I'd been exposed to before.. And they're really the bands that stuck with me while I was getting to know what music was..

Of course, there are always those few songs that stick out in memory that aren't consistent with that - I still remember Chesney being number one in the charts for five weeks with The One and Only, before Cher knocked him off (which I never forgave her for), only for Bryan Adams to subsequently come along and dominate the chart for a third of a year.. But in a sense, that all seems kind of peripheral to my actual taste in music - those were the things I listened to because they were on the radio, rather than because I liked them (though I thought Chesney rocked).

But yes, the formation of my musical tastes is quite specific to 1991 - by 1992 everything was kind of already set up.. When songs like Stay by Shakespeare's Sister came out, I already had very specific ideas of the type of music I liked (and that song wasn't included).. And from that point on, it all kind of fades into the general early 90s Take That / Mr Blobby / Techno thing that was going on at the time.. It's only really up to mid '92 (more or less the release of songs like Rhythm Is A Dancer and Ebeneezer Goode) that I have any vivid recollection of how I perceived music.

Anyway, that's enough of that for now.. time for some food...


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