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I haven't been feeling entirely myself lately, and I'm not sure why.. I guess one of the main things is that tomorrow is my last day in my current job, and as of next week, everything changes.

If I had to find a way of defining myself, it would probably be as a workaholic.. I work easily over 50 hours a week, much of which is unpaid. Since I define myself by what I do, which is now changing, it's not really a surprise that I'm currently.. without definition.

I suppose it'll be better once I actually know for sure what stuff I'll be doing in my new job, and how much fun I'll be able to have with it. In the meantime the search for a new place to live is moving up a gear, and I might even be gone by my birthday if I'm really quick about it all... Then I will have my own place :o)

Anyway, must go eat, then go to bed.. I need to be up early in the morning, so that I can go buy food for the office (as is the custom when one leaves)

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Don't you hate the whole aspect of starting new jobs? I'm starting one today and *meh*

Oh, it sounds really sad(

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