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Hmm, just watched the debate.. to be honest, I'd say Bush won that one.

John Kerry's problem is that he approached that debate the same way I approached my last job interview.. In theory, you're supposed to have statistics to back up the points you want to make, but during the preparation it's the memorising of the statistics that you focus on, and then when you come to present your points, the statistics take precedence over the qualitative points.

So what it amounted to was the very real impression that John Kerry had a checklist of statistics in his head, and had to find points that could make use of them. He went off topic repeatedly, and seemed to concentrate too much on saying things that would give him an excuse to quote some figure that nobody really cares about anyway...

Plus, he kinda looks a bit undead...

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(Deleted comment)
I missed last nights debates, but what I've heard Kerry has still pipped Bush in the polls.

hey i just saw your post about the audio karated paper bag demo. i have been looking for that cd for like two years and have never found it. i would be forever in debt if you would send me those songs. my email is thanks.

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