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Off with his head!!

"The Iraq Survey Group (ISG) said Iraq's nuclear capability had decayed, not advanced, since the 1991 Gulf War."

In stark contrast with everything that the UK and US governments were saying..

"However, the report, published on Wednesday, said Saddam Hussein clearly intended to resume production of banned weapons when UN sanctions were lifted."

Note that it says when sanctions were lifted, which to my mind suggests that sanctions were working - again, in contrast with Tony Blair saying that containment was no longer an option.

"Mr Bush, who is hoping to win re-election on 2 November, said the risk of Saddam Hussein passing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) to terror groups was "a risk we could not afford to take"."

Just as well he didn't have any then!!

"Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister, Barhem Saleh, said anyone who doubted that Saddam Hussein had WMDs only needed to visit Halabja - where the former Iraq dictator had gassed thousands of Kurds."

Twat.. Everybody knows he used to, that was never in any doubt.. But that's no basis for believing he still has them, without evidence to back it up.

See, if the weapons inspectors had been allowed to do their jobs, we might have known all this in advance, but no, the risk was too imminent!!!one!!


And finally.. God bless Billy Connolly, for being so very right..

(to clarify, I don't think it's even remotely as bad as Ken Bigley's fuckwit family, and the shit that they periodically pump out through the tabloid media)

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(Deleted comment)
I would stake everything I own on there being more terrorists in Iraq now than there were three years ago...

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