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Right Then
Somebody complimented me on my guitar playing. I feel the need to prove some people wrong. Here is the shite I current put out there:

Semisonic - Brand New Baby (first verse)
Semisonic - This Will Be My Year (intro)
REM - It's a Free World Baby (chorus plucking)
Travis - Just the Faces Change (intro, verse and chorus)
Everclear - Summerland (intro, plus first chords of verse)
Live - They Stood up for Love (verse and chorus)
Live - Turn My Head (intro)

Now listen, and realise that I suck (half of them may not be up yet - still uploading here :o)

(note: This is just a recording of my mic strapped to my guitar - no amp involved - they'd sound marginally better with my amp, you know :o)

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Not too easy to tell how shit you are; get a hookup cable :-P
(As discussed on ICQ)

Before I listen, was the guitar anywhere near in tune?


Believe me, nobody (not even you) wants to hear that.... ;o)

I will?

Um, OK. But you won't like it :o)

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