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I just thought

The US still has an isolationist mentality, where the majority of its citizens seem concerned only with their own economy, their own security, and have no desire to experience anything outside of the US borders.

In short, they're still the same insular, self-obsessed nation that they were 70 years ago.

The problem is, their elected president is required to make decisions that affect the rest of the world. And to be blunt (because I have to go to work, and don't have time to go on for hours on this subject), the voting public don't give a shit about the rest of the world so long as they come out okay at the end of it.

Thus the reason US foreign policy is so myopic when it comes to the welfare of other nations - moreso than most countries, everything it does it does for itself.

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Sadly, you are talking about typical human mentality. 8¬(

I beg to differ, I think people are innately altruistic - society, particularly capitalist society makes them brutal.

well if you're gonna try and get all psychological and sociological on my ass... I'd have to say that it might depend on how close you consider someone to be to your own genetic family as to how altruistic you are in regards to them. I would say humans are 'innately' prgrammed to suvive, and put their (wider) family first. Soceity as it is today forces a lot of us to become bastards yup. But I don't think humans can be anything other that natural, simply reacting to shit, that's all they do. Captialist society may be to blame however it is simply a reuslt of the number of us that are trying to share the same space and resources. Not forgetting us humans created society, obviously... So what's not innate about that? But yeah I do know what ur trying to say. I used to rant about it a lot... It sucks.

It's God's chosen country. Why should they come in a dialogue with us anyway? They're the Scripture solution. *rolls eyes*

Still, they're hardly isolationist - they're imperialist, and there is a great great difference.

But that fails to explain why they're so short-sighted with regards to carbon pollution and global warming; as the world's leading capitalist nation, they're the ones with the most to lose when the the homes of the people they exploit are reclaimed by the sea and they're the ones with the most to lose when the oil runs out. Surely their only way to maintain their position as the world's leading capitalist nation is to maintain or increase their consumption of energy so surely they only stand to benefit from investing in alternative energy sources and research.

This would be a position the US could comfortably take with selfish motives while not fucking the rest of the world over in the process. Perhaps their governement is so caught up in its own selfishness that it cannot even comprehend what is good for itself in the medium to long term anymore.

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