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I've just kicked Harry out of my room - I'm having many discussions involving things that are best kept away from my flatmates, and right now, I'm not in the mood to be worrying about whether she can see the screen or not. There's some really important stuff I'm talking about with somebody (who is now going offline, but still, it's the principle...)

Um, and yet I continue talking. Oh well, at least when I look back at this, I'll be able to know exactly what was going on in my life on this particular day... :o)

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You sure there isn't cocaine in that bloody cake or something? %-)

I didn't have any cake. Well, not for months, anyway....

I'm just hyper. There's a reason, you know :o)

hyper? now there's a bad emotion right there


Hyper isn't bad. Hyper = Bouncey = Happy = Good :o)

Do enlighten us, sweetie - whassup? 8-)

Just "stuff". But damn, if it hasn't put me in the greatest mood :o)

send some of this 'stuff' over my way, i could use some bounce

:-D Sounds like very good stuff to me, then!

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