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So anyway, I popped over to New York a week or so ago, just to make a change from being here.. I must admit, I was reminded why I could never actually live in the US - it really wouldn't be long before I got myself locked up for something or other..

Don't fix the problem, fix the symptoms

I guess the first people I'd have to take out would be the drugs companies.. But first, a word about their marketing departments - they combine the American tendency to drop half the letters from a word, and the German method of concatenating related words, to the point where you get some pretty stupid names.

For example, a product meant to Prevent Acid, in Soluble Tablet form, is obviously called Prevacid Solutab - d'you see how it works? Painfully unoriginal.

But the general chemical culture is just plain wrong anyway.. You don't have heartburn, you have Acid Reflux Disorder (made all the more trendy because John Elway admits to having it). You don't have a shitty life, the chemicals in your brain are just wrong. You don't eat too much crap, your cholesterol level is determined by genetic factors which can be suppressed. The entire pharmaceutical industry seems to be founded on the premise that personal responsibility for your ailments extends only as far as curing them with drugs, not preventing them with lifestyle modifications.

Advertisements for McDonalds are followed by advertisements telling you that fatness is hereditary, not from what you eat, which is then followed by adverts for once-a-day aspirin tablets to stop you getting a heart attack, followed in turn by adverts for expensive health insurance just in case. Am I really the only one who sees that?

Shooting people is okay

I was fortunate enough to be out of the country by the time the ban on assult weapons expired, otherwise I might have had to buy one.. I mean come on, those things are cool! Just thinking about how many holes you could put in Tom DeLay with one of those things just makes me tingle..

I quote God..
In England, no one has handguns, including the cops. Now in England last year, they had 14 deaths from handguns. In the United States... 23,000 deaths from handguns... but there's no connection, and you'd be a fool and a communist to make one. There's no connection between having a gun and shooting someone with it and not having a gun and not shooting someone.
But it's okay.. because the right to own an armour piercing automatic machine gun in order to protect your trailer and your white trash wife-cousin is constitutionally protected, and how dare that liberal Clinton think otherwise..

John Kerry is Reverse Psychology Fun!

If being a viable candidate for president just means taking whatever stance looks like it might win you the election, while making sure you disagree with whatever your opponent says (even if you later change your mind), then go Kerry! I'm not exactly supporting Bush, but I can see why he looks every bit the stronger leader than John Kerry, who sits there making opportunist snipes when he can, and just disagreeing automatically if all else fails. The world will be a safer, saner place with Kerry as president, but I can't help but think that he'll push people away from supporting his party through sheer lack of charisma, policy and action.

Nobody watches TV in the daytime

.. if they did, they might put something good on. Perhaps it was the limited number of channels we had (cable my arse!), but there really was nothing of value on. The mornings were filled solid with Jerry Springer, Montel, "Judge [insert name here]", and various "The [adjective] And The [adjective]" soaps... It just felt very alienating.. Then there was the news, which is possibly the wrong name for it.. Stories get broken down into two or three factoids, and last no more than a couple of minutes, lest the minimal attention spans of the viewers expire, and they switch over to watching a woman fight with the transexual prostitute who's in love with her husband...

I'll be the first to admit that UK daytime TV isn't great, but the key thing is that it tends to come in half-hour segments, each being reasonably different from the last. Home improvement, fly-on-the-wall soaps, drama, comedy, etc. In the US, it seems that every channel has a particular formula, and they're sticking to it at all costs. I can't help but feel that the quality of TV is in some way responsible for a great many other things that are wrong with society..

And finally..

I was saddened to learn that Wachovia is pronounced "walk over ya", as opposed to "watch over ya".. The latter being a far more appealling pronounciation (though I'd imagine the former is more accurate)...

Not going back there any time soon, I don't think.. bring on Canada :o)

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Ew. You went to New York, for one thing.

And, the correct pronunciation is actually "wah-koh-vee-ah."

Exactly - walkoverya ;o)

Yep. And I hate 'em. :o)

Yeah... America's not the best place to live...

Thank you, this really made my day.

I watched Fahrenheit 9/11 on Saturday. If that is the path of mankind, then humanity is doomed.

heartburn IS reflux thingy, also ay least they dont have camp guys in red suits personifying it/ GAVILAST!

it´s funny because it´s true...

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