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This just in from Arnie..
"If you believe your family knows how to spend your money better than the government does, then you are a Republican!"
So let me get this straight.. I believe my family knows how to spend money better than the government, so I should vote for a party that spends billions on unnecessary wars?

Though it's an irrelevant point anyway, since I wouldn't trust my family with money ;o)

Right now, I see American politics in much the same way as I see "World's Most Lethal Police Chases" - I'm watching it, and deep down I want everything to work out okay for everybody involved, but there's a part of me that wants to see the fleeing car-thief explode in a ball of flames and take a load of people with him.. On the assumption that the world is going to Hell anyway, Bush would make more interesting news coverage over the next four years than Kerry...

Of course, I (mostly) jest.. but still, I think the social climate in the US is too far gone at the minute.. It's becoming more and more acceptable to be openly fascist, helped in no small part by the fact that the citizens seem to think that their media is left-leaning, when by European definitions, it's still pretty far-right. People trying to take a centrist position find themselves way to the right of the rest of the world..

Ho hum...

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speaking as an american in new york city during the rnc, i would beg to differ on that last point.

Feel free. But I swear, Norway's populist right-wing party ("Progress Party", dear me) would likely be regarded as communist in the US. You practically have no political left anymore (or center). Just a spectre of it.

I wouldn't be at all surprised. I'm personally a fan, but then I do get called a tree-hugging pinko commie liberal every now and then. Everything's relative, of course, and you have to take things one step at a time. Somehow I don't see a massive swing towards anything in the same ballpark as functional socialism or a multi-party system happening for a while. So we're focusing on getting rid of Bush right now.

tree-hugging pinko commie liberal

Now that's an amusing(ly ambiguous) name to be called :-)

And I completely agree - get rid of Bush first (please).

Oh, and by last point I had actually meant the part about it being ok to be facist. Sorry for the confusion.

since I wouldn't trust my family with money

Mind you it's all hypothetical as we don't have any money!

... is a politician so has to make inane, stupid remarks. It's the law! And let's face it, a bodybuilder turned actor(allegedly) turned politician is more than qualified to talk shit.

Hey! I trust the family to spend more wisely than the government on lots of things: CDs, food, holidays. Does that make me a Republican? Of course, when it comes to the big important stuff like health and education (and defence) I think I'll let the govt take care of it.

The other con that right-wing politicians always try to put over on the electorate is the idea of "small" government. That's where they abdicate responsibility for all kinds of (usually welfare-related) expenditure. Allowing the people to spend their money on what they want. What a load of old bollocks. As far as I am concerned that only works for people with a high level of disposable income, which is why it's right-wing policy.

The other thing about "small" government is that I bet they wouldn't vote to either reduce the number of politicians in the legislature or to reduce their salaries to reflect the smallness of the government.

I just hate the lot of them but especially New Labour, the Conservatives, the BNP, Republicans and Democrats. Even the Lib Dems are starting to suggest that they move to the right!

Yes, your left is a bit funny too :-/

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