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More Emotions
Ah, but these ones are happy, bouncey ones. Hooray for those.... Sometimes I wonder if I ought to get a life and stop spending all my time online. Then I realise just how stupid that would be ;o)

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But.... but .... there isn't life offline, is there? :-o

Oh, there is, and if I hadn't consumed so much alcohol in it, I might remember it ;o)

Oh pooh to that ... I can drink AND be online ... 8-D

So can I, but there's a problem - when I get drunk, I get brutally frank and honest about myself. People can ask anything (and I really mean anything, regardless of how personal), and I tell them...

Quite how this differs from me sober, where I do the same anyway, I do not know. But still... :o)

Oooh, that'd be an interesting one to put to the test... ;-)

Well, like I said, it works sober.

Try me ;o)

Is that an invite or an order? 8-)

The former, but if that doesn't work, then the latter.

Come on then - I'm waiting ;o)

You feel like being brutally frank?

*evil grin*

Right then, how intelligent do you think I am?

More so than me :o)

Bah... Most people abuse the ability to ask anything by asking really awkward questions. And since I'm an attention seeker, that works well for me :o)

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