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I just keep on talking....
Anybody would think I'd been at the Pot Cake again, really... Um, but I haven't. Just so you know. Although they're planning on doing it again on Monday - if it tastes nice this time (rather than foul, as with all the other times - they need to do it with the right stuff), I might have some. Otherwise, no thank you - no drugs for me.

I don't much see the point in doing the drugs anyway, except that it's pretty cheap, and it takes you out of your head for an evening... And sometimes, that's no bad thing.

So, how am I feeling this evening? Well, I have emotions. It's not often that I have emotions - apparently, and this according to my ex-girlfriends Alex and Harry, I am emotionless automaton. They're just pissed that they couldn't get to me, that's all... But yes, this evening, I felt the emotions of anger and jealousy. What's that about? I hate when bad things happen to people I care about...

Um, other news... Let's see... Well I have very little other news - the others are watching The Beach, but I have elected not to do so - I have better things to do with my time than watch Leonardo DiCaprio prance about - yes, he was excellent in Romeo and Juliet, but one film does not make him a good actor :o)

Um, well, not doing much online... Talking to you, and was talking to you until you went all silent on me... Tried to talk to you, but you're eating pancakes. Oh, and now you're back. Good good :o)

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drugs are bad.

i think i say that 20 times a day to my friends.

sarah and i are the only people i know who don't experiment with any of that.


I've done pot once. Which was in a cake, and it tasted foul. Suffice it to say, I had very little, and it was enough to get me very chatty (at which point I called my parents, heh)... The second time they did it, I decided not to. I then spent my last night as an eighteen year old looking after somebody who felt so ill he wanted to go to hospital, somebody who thought they were going to die if they went to sleep, and two people throwing up. This was not a good advertisement for drugs. I probably won't do them again.

However, I can't afford alcohol right now, and I miss being drunk - it's been over a month now. I don't demand that I get drunk very often, but it's nice to at least have a drink every couple of weeks. And I've been 100% sober for 29 days now... Oh well :o)

awww baby...I'll buy you a drink Errrr I know you have emotions. And last but not least 'The Beach' is a good book, an all right film but the first one I went to just Mark and me...fudge the shit thing!

WARNING - pedantic parent

I don't much see the point in doing the drugs anyway

except just a little alcohol occasionally.....


Re: WARNING - pedantic parent

I've not had a drink in over a month, daddy dearest, thank you so very much :o)

Anyhow, I was referring to illegal drugs :o)

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