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How novel!
In the photo shop just now, there were some girls picking up photos or something.. They mentioned photobucket, and I was thinking "ha ha, nerds!" (well, not exactly in those words).. Then one of them was talking about putting pictures online with a "cut", and the others didn't know what she was on about..

Then she went on to talk about a cut tag on LiveJournal, making this the first time I've ever encountered anybody in "real life" who knew what LiveJournal is.. I know david gets it all the time (along with being recognised in the street, the cross-dressing trannie), but this really was a first for me.. Except perhaps Quinn, since technically she's a "real life" person since I met her via Lara.. But this was certainly the first time it's randomly happened - 'twas all quite amusing really.. :o)

(simple things, and all that..)

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Girls... on LJ... who you haven't sex0red yet?!

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