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How novel!
In the photo shop just now, there were some girls picking up photos or something.. They mentioned photobucket, and I was thinking "ha ha, nerds!" (well, not exactly in those words).. Then one of them was talking about putting pictures online with a "cut", and the others didn't know what she was on about..

Then she went on to talk about a cut tag on LiveJournal, making this the first time I've ever encountered anybody in "real life" who knew what LiveJournal is.. I know david gets it all the time (along with being recognised in the street, the cross-dressing trannie), but this really was a first for me.. Except perhaps Quinn, since technically she's a "real life" person since I met her via Lara.. But this was certainly the first time it's randomly happened - 'twas all quite amusing really.. :o)

(simple things, and all that..)

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Girls... on LJ... who you haven't sex0red yet?!


I knew who you were through LJ long before I met you

Ohhh, it's the meeting people first in real life game. I thought you just meant Manchester wasn't a place in 'real life', it was just some bizarre livejournal construct. Which I'd begun to worry might actually be the case...

Well, I've not ruled that out.. Everyone in Manchester seems to have a journal, whereas Brighton people are far rarer..

I have to admit..I do not know anyone from "real life" who uses LJ. I don't think I'll have an experience quite like yours, but I guess I can't rule it out.

Asumming thats you,
you're hott :P

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