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My feet are blistered :o\

Paul and Relly's reception was great.. Relly looked so.. bride-like.. very much the prettiest person I've ever seen in a wedding dress. I'm looking at the photos Eri took of it, and I keep going "aww" an awful lot :o)

Ahh, I danced like a loon tonight.. I've learned from successive Frisbee tournaments (not to mention my old trips to Creation) that if you're going to dance, do it properly - don't piss about just swaying from side to side because people might be watching. The way to dance is to just go for it, go with the music, and just have fun - if you're having fun, nobody is going to laugh at you.

So yes, queue much rocking out, falsetto, jumping around, and other things associated with really 'getting down' to 80s cheese.. With a couple of exceptions, the DJ'd music was really good fun.. And the band wasa fantastic, and played some songs I really like (The One I Love by REM, Hey Ya by Outkast). It was really good to hear some songs done acoustically, especially after last night.

So onto last night.. I went to Camden to see Audio Karate play the last gig of their tour which, despite the above remark, was really good. It just left me with slight hearing problems. I spent the entire gig just watching Jason's hands, trying to work out the guitar parts. I think I've got Halfway Decent well and truly worked out, as well as Drama Club Romance (apart from the super-hard solos).. I'm also sure I can play most of Gypsyqueen, but I don't know the notes or the order they go in. But I think I can play it.

There was a point this evening where I really wished I was a keyboard player, but truth be told, I just can't get my head around it. I'm sure I could do it in theory - my dexterity is pretty good with both my hands (hur hur), and I have a fairly good grasp of music. My problem is that a keyboard has the wrong spacing between notes. On a guitar it's simple, one fret per semitone, I can feel the distance between the notes. I can learn things by ear just by hearing the distance between all the notes, and work it out for myself. On a keyboard, adjacent white keys might be one or two semitones part, and it's just something I can't really deal with very well. I like knowing exactly how far apart notes are. Looks like I'm stuck as a lowly guitarist :o)

So yeah, I've had a great two days, though I'm a little knackered now.. still, it's all great fun :o)

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Hey Ya is in fact, the gayest song ever written.

You used to like B*witched. 'nuff said.

I still remember the website ;o)

Anyway, nothing wrong with Hey Ya.. it's a great song to dance around to. I don't for a second think that it has any real quality to it, except that it's fun and pop and everybody knows it..

As do I.

And hey ya is still BILE.

But your heart is dead, and you don't like proper cheesey music, so...

Oh no, my heart is alive, outkast just make me wish it were dead. I mean why.. the horrid sound... :oP

I think that Outkast is an alright band....i just like the beat to hey ya...not really the song...but anymore there really is seldom rap songs that really sound great....

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