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Leave France, land of faked antisemitic attacks, and come to Israel - home of lethal suicide bombing!

Antisemitic looks a lot like antiseptic...

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That huge wall annoys me more and more everyday. I really don't see how they can get away with it.

Grr I can't seethe flashy line thing that shows where I am typing in you comment box... my brain hurts.

It's quite simple - Israel refuses to accept the judgement of the UN International Court Of Justice on the grounds they believe it to be politically motivated, and futher go on to say that the courtroom is not the correct forum for the issue in any case, it should be decided by political means. I hope that's clear.

The Israeli ambassador took great pains to point out that if we could stop suicide attacks by building a wall then we'd do it too. I eagerly await the French reaction to our reinforced concrete and barbed wire anti-terrorist barrier currently under construction between Quimper and Lille.

I shall call you.... "Mini-Maginot"

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