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Uber, I like Equifax, they've provided me with my credit report..

As far as I can see, my Barclaycard is my main problem - six times 1 month delinquent, twice 2 months delinquent..

Otherwise, it seems okay.. confirms I'm on the electoral roll, shows three different credit agreements (O2, Capital One and Barclaycard)... Actually, the fact that it doesn't have my Lloyds cards means that only Cap1 and Barclays are feeding back information, which means I should probably set up a full payment direct debit on my Cap1 card and start using that a little - that way, I won't pay any interest, but at least I'll be able to build up a nice history with Equifax.. My Barclaycard already has a DD set up, so that should be fine..

Now, onto Experian!

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(Deleted comment)
Barclays have a 2.9% balance transfer offer, use that and get rid of the store card (store cards are evil).

The debt isn't the problem, credit-wise.. it's how you handle the debt..

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