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Annoying Bugs
Arg.... The bug which kept me occupied for an hour was a really dumb one. I accidentally put = instead of == in the comparisons between the genes. That meant that it always returned true, and therefore always gave me the same thing. Took a whole fucking hour to spot that - I had to replace all the conditional code in the program with absolute code, and work my way through, changing it back to normal, and seeing if it stopped working. Yeesh....

But now it's done, all bar my one page write-up. Hooray :o)

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You are making me late, and I really haven't paid attention but I love this song. Later Bex xxx

I always do that. It's so damn annoying..

So you think you are good...

I refer the honourable gentleman to a remark he made in his previous post, to wit:

"Once more, I am reminded of how good I am :o)"

If that is indeed the case, why did it take "a whole fucking hour to spot..... that bug?

Just wondering, you know.

Re: So you think you are good...

I am very good. However, those bugs are arses to spot, because the if() statement returns true, rather than returning an error. Very hard to spot. That sort of thing comes from practice, rather than an incredible inherent ability (as I claimed to possess the other day :o)

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