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You know what's annoying when you work on the third floor?

People on the second floor who use the lift to go to the first.

Petty though it is, it tends to fuck me off somewhat when I opt to take the lift (for three floors, it's not unreasonable) and then have to stop on every floor on the way down because people can't be arsed with a single flight of stairs that takes less time to get down than it does to wait for the lift in the first place.

In other news, today I did over two week's work (I basically did over a day's work every hour).. 560 accounts adjusted, £4,000 interest refunded, £1,600,000 moved around. Last time we had something like this to do with the old-new process, it took three of us two days to do 400 accounts, so it looks like the new-new process I invented for this exercise is working well...

But now I'm tired of it, and I'm ready to go back to my parents' house for a bit and collapse... Bring on the pizza :o)

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how do you know that the stairs would be faster? have you ever timed it? i don't think so

I've left the office at the same time as other people - they took the lift, I took the stairs, I got down to the ground floor first. That good enough?

maybe they have asthma and are physically unable to walk the stairs. or maybe they are so exhausted from their day of work that they feel it is unnecessary to exhaust themselves w/ the stairs.

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