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Woah, holy cow, I rule...
Infrequent though it is that I come up with such statements, this situation warrants it...

You remember the Cinema applet I had to do for my Further Programming course? I got 76% on it. That was the thing which took 30 minutes to code, 15 minutes to debug, and eight hours to build a nice GUI for. I'm well impressed.

And now for an admission - the Further AI assignment I've been "doing" for the last few weeks? Didn't do a thing on it. Deadline was today. I got up at 9am, worked on it from scratch, and finished it within an hour. Came down to cogs, tested it, and it took an hour to find the one bug in it. Now I'm finished. Hooray :o)

So frankly, I got 76% on a Programming Assignment, and managed to do a piece of coursework which warranted a two week extension in two hours. Once more, I am reminded of how good I am :o)

Anyhow, so about the AI thing - it's a genetic algorithm. It implements an interface which allows you to define some methods for breeding it. I have a 3x3 mosaic, with the different tiles having different colours. The colors are described by an array of booleans - 27 of them. That gives 3 per square - one for Red, one for Green, one for Blue. That then gives us Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. The things breed with each other, crossing over genes and stuff, and we then have ourselves a nice genetic algorithm. I then also have a judging class, which returns a score for each child - the fewer identical adjoining squares, the higher the score. So you end up evolving a nice pattern. It's all rather groovy, really :o)

I hope it scores OK :o)

More later...

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re:Woah, holy cow, I rule...

Once more, I am reminded of how good I am :o)

Such modesty in one so young........ ;-)

Would anyone believe me if I said you got your intelligence from me?


You're probably right

Re: Woah, holy cow, I rule...

Well I got it from somewhere, and you're just as likely as the other one ;o)

(I never said that - please don't tell mum I said that :o)

Re: Woah, holy cow, I rule...

So what's it worth to keep mum?

Re: Woah, holy cow, I rule...

Ha, nice try :o)

I shall just deny everything.

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