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Bets what I have placed
£10 Double, to win £56
Switzerland to beat Croatia @ 9/5
France to beat England @ evens

£2 Single, to win £6
Germany to beat Holland @ 2/1

£1 Double, to win £3.99
Germany to beat Latvia @ 8/15
Germany to beat Czech Republic @ 8/5

and.. The kind tricky one, but my favourite of the bunch, because it's mathematically fun fun fun :o)

£7 Patent, to win .. money..
£1 England to beat France @ 13/5 = £3.60
£1 England to beat Switzerland @ 4/6 = £1.67
£1 England to beat Croatia @ 8/11 = £1.72
£1 England to beat France AND Switzerland - (£6.00) + (£3.60) + (£1.67) = £11.27
£1 England to beat Switzerland AND Croatia - (£2.88) + (£1.67) + (£1.72) = £6.27
£1 England to beat Croatia AND France - (£6.22) + (£1.72) + (£3.60) = £11.55
£1 England to beat France AND Switzerland AND Croatia - £32.45

So anyway... The rationalisation between the first bets is that I'm betting on it being bad results... I have two of my favourite teams playing tomorrow (England and Croatia) - if they both lose, I am consoled with £56. If either team wins, I'll be happy. A draw wouldn't be the worst thing ever..

I've bet on Germany to win because I'd love to see Holland paste them, and utterly kick their arses. In the event that they don't, I get £6.

Then again, I've bet on Germany to win their two easy games... I would love to see one of those shite countries beat Germany, but if they both lose to the bastards, then I at least get £4 out of it..

The last one is my "I have faith in England" bet.. If England beat France and one other country, then I make money. If they beat France alone, then I make half my money back. If they lose to France, then my above-mentioned double comes in, and Croatia can make me lots of money if they lose...

The main scenarios are:

If England win all their matches, I win £32.. If Germany win all theirs, I win £10. If tomorrow goes shit, I win £56.

Hooray :o)

PS I know a draw with France will utterly scupper all of this ;o)

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You really should give up this betting thing, you're not good at it.

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