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Right then...
My AI assessment is still incomplete, and is due in tomorrow. However, I'm going to bed now. I have a great idea for a dream, and lately, I've been able to meditate, holding the idea in my head, and then start acting it out, as I drop down into sleep. Then, I start to actually dream it, and things happen by themselves. I look forward to the dream I'm about to have :o)

Anyhow, my alarms are all set for 9am tomorrow morning, which gives me a good 5 hours of sleep at least, before I have to do my programming stuff for AI. Then I hand that in, and the BT Engineer comes sometime between 1pm and 3:30pm, to install my line, assuming all is well. Then it's only a brief amount of time before I get free Internet. Hooray.

So, goodnight all. I shall see some of you in a few minutes :o)


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