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From my favourite community
So, Reagan died yesterday. Yes, it's a sad thing for the people who loved him. Let's get past that, shall we?

Everybody's mewling about how great a President he was. How worthwhile. How essentially good. St. Ronnie. I cry bullshit.

Ronald Reagan's continuous antagonism of the Soviets is why millions of people my age went to sleep with nightmares about nuclear war. Anybody remember "The Day After?" Iran-Contra? The fact that his government funded the Afghani Mujahideen, which would later go on to become Al-Qaeda?

Let's not even bother to mention authorizing mobilizing California authorities to brutal crackdowns on peaceful Vietnam protesters in the 60s, when he was governor of California. Oh, yeah, and let's not discuss how he effectively dismantled California's psychiatric care system, overflooding their jails with crazies.

Let's ignore that he was anti-abortion. Let's ignore that he pumped America's defense spending to the point that it exceeded the rest of the world combined.

We're talking about the man who prevented his Surgeon General from even talking about AIDS until 1986. A president who supported invasions of small countries whose politics he didn't like (those pesky communists!). A president whose CIA engaged in constant manipulation of Latin America.

Yay! He gave us the War On Drugs! Millions of Americans sent to prison! Oops! He put dictators into power who supported the drug trade! So much for the War On Drugs!

Oh, yeah. And it was his government that armed Saddam...since those pesky Iranians just weren't to be trusted. Good one! Score!

I'm afraid the rosy nostalgia for Reagan sickens me,

On the other hand, he was still better than the Shrub.

Edited to add: Oh, yeah. I forgot. The guy tried to ban surfing when he was governor of California. Jeez.
Pretty much sums it up for me... Reagan was the one who put the USA on its path to where it is now - his "solution" to the cold war of just arming America to its teeth seems to have been used as a template for dealing with any situation...

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the person who wrote that forgot to mention that he picked george bush for his vice president.
yeah, that was a nice step in the worst possible direction.

(hi, you don't know me, but i'm adding you.)

Fantastic point.

I LOVE your icon. Francesca Lia Block kicks all ass.

It's another excuse for America to band together and cry patriosim.

I think they have gone a little far with the whole state funeral, do all ex presidents get that?

Yeah, if I remember right, that's a ritual all ex-prezes are awarded with. It seems like they did the same for Nixon, anyway.

You are absolutely right. I guess the assassination attempt made me lighten up on the way I felt about him politically. But you made very valid points on here. He wasn't the sweet half-retarded little old man they show on TV. He was a crusader of death.

Guess no one's perfect,huh? You of all people should know that.

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