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(no subject)
Post anonymously, giving me three clues to who you are.
Then let me try to guess.
If I don't guess right, it means I don't care about you

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IP address.

ive met you but we have not spoken much
i know your girlfriend better
i style my hair on early brett anderson

I'm going to go with Boy Nicky

aww man it wasnt meant to be easy!

Nicky xxx

Enjoys LaunchCast radio, is a brunette and is in the possession of a little dog.

You have been on my friends list for a LONG time, and vice versa.
I have a green and red parrot (she is in one of my icons, but don't cheat).
My life, according to LJ, could be turned into a movie.

Wait. never mind. It looks like I was taken off your friends list a while ago and didn't even notice :(

1. I've changed my lj name three times.
2. We've met once a long time ago through a friend of yours.
3. I have curly hair.

Ooh, but wait, I thought Laura had only changed LJ name twice, for a total of three names... hmmmm...

yes that was too easy :D
I've changed my name three times. Journal number twice!

We used to talk on MSN when Buffy was on SkyOne.
You rang me once, the moment you found out my girlfriend broke up with me.
I used to be a member of your merry band of idiots ; )

I prefer to think of them as an Insightful Assortment of Eccentrics, TFD :oP

Good good, and I'd just like to point out it's been several years since anyone (important) called me TFD or similar. Good to see that's not going to change any time soon ; p

We never see you on IRC any more... Otherwise you'd hear it more often.

Nah, it's been ages since I even had it installed. I think I stopped using it when I got a job and never really though to reinstall it...maybe I'll have Martin and Adam install it and we'll have a little reunion. Won't that be fun! ; )

I don't know if ya know this but..

Look Who Is 2

Just thought I'd let ya know ;)

let's skip that anonymous part

your disclaimer........can i have it on paper? LOL


sorry can't resist and no offence but

1) your
2) fucking
3) hero

an alternative to turkey on christmas day in manchester,
davids birthday party two years ago.

can you break it down?
right to the ground?
can you hear my sound
flowing all around?
i'm angus brooooown

And that night, you were indeed my hero...

I have used the sprawl-on-my-back-playing-air-guitar-to-wanky-solos trick many times since then, and stupid though it looks, it always earns me respect (and often applause)...

you know yuve got it when your'e head and feet are the only things touching the ground, and your'e friends have to pick you up cos your'e so lost in the high pinchfrets and tapping

You're a friend of a friend
I can't help joining in on everything
You don't know me.

lol hiya. Saw this and thought it would be fun to join in

1. Nutella is delicious.
2. I love rusty things.
3. I have two feet.

Logging my IP address, you cheaterer.

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