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And now it's the evening
... not that it wasn't last time I updated. Well, I don't really remember. But if it was, it didn't feel like it. However, right now, I'm getting real 'evening' vibes from the world. It's getting progressively darker (although it's still light out - just long shadows everywhere). And right now, I'm going to go water the plants. As with all my updates, do not feel you have to pause in between these parts. Time only passes for me...

*waters plants*

Note to self: Don't spray the hose everywhere while dressed in nice clothes

*resumes watering*

Right, I'm back now. And see, time did not elapse. Anyhow, the cat just came in wanting food. I simply said "No Alfred, you're not getting fed yet", and she kindly went back outside. Laura has just decided to play a trick on me, impersonating Mel. All very confusing, and I have no idea what's going on. I'm just glad I didn't flirt outrageously - wouldn't want Laura getting mad at me for that... :o)

Anyhow, I don't think I have any more significant chores left to do today. I could put some clothes on for washing, but I really am simply too lazy to go upstairs and get them. And now I'm in a conversation with Laura and Julaine, which is always scary... strange people.... Why does David have to be out tonight? Git, he has no respect for my need for him to be here to save me from these people....

Anyhow, my playlist is getting seriously old now. It's been playing on my computer for the last 48 hours, and it's only about 4 hours long. Thus, I've heard each song many times... A couple are almost getting boring. This one never does though - it so reflects my mood *all* the time. So many of the lines apply to me, but I won't quote them - I'm not sure on the rules on swearing on this thing, and I don't much want to anyway...

Incidentally, I've been having strange dreams lately. Since I sleep in the study with the computer playing MP3s all night, the songs find their way into my dreams. Thursday night I dreamed that I was at a concert with Jon Secada and The Scorpions (who I spoke to), and last night REM were playing a small concert for me and my friends while we had a fight. Was odd. Very odd. I have, of course, dutifully written both down in intricate detail in my dream book, which I've been reading through. Man, my psyche is screwed.... Oh well. I'm bored now. This conversation is driving me absolutely mental, so I shall have to shut them both up with some sort of random comment... I shall no doubt update this again in an hour or two....


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