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I'm feeling ever so politically motivated right now... Don't fancy writing anything, since the world is in such a state that most people would probably just nod in agreement, and say "I was thinking that".. and if I can't shock people, I can't be bothered...

But I'm thinking some very nasty thoughts about some Israeli and American politicians, and that'll do for now...

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I completley feel the same way right now. Everyone tells me I'm start raving bonkers when I say things that have been bugging me about the politics and the current state of affairs.

I was walking on the seaside Promenade of Tel-Aviv with an Israeli friend. The U.S. embassy is clearly visible, if you know where to look. My friend waved at the complex and said: "Finance department."

He's a retired Lt-Col of the Israeli Air Force, now an executive in a military high-tech company there.

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