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Regarding Spain pulling out of Iraq..

The US earlier condemned the decision, saying it is giving in to terrorism.

No, it isn't giving in to terrorism - it's giving in to Democracy. The people of Spain have always been against the war in Iraq, and have replaced their previous government with one that will do what they want them to do.

This is an example of what the US claims to be fighting for - letting the people of a country decide how it is run. The fact that the US government can't see that is proof, if it were needed, that their idea of 'democracy' is flawed and that they shouldn't be exporting faulty goods to other nations.

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But the election result was entirely a reaction to the Madrid bombings. al-Qaeda effectively swung the result of the Spanish election. If Spain withdraw from Iraq it doesn't look good - who's to say that a similar strategy wouldn't be adopted by al-Qaeda in any other pro-war country?

Besides, the fact that the Spanish people did not support the war does not necessarily mean they don't want Spanish troops in Iraq because everyone knows the potential consequences of withdrawal at this time...

Democracy fundementally doesn't work because the general public are complete morons, and generally speaking don't know what's best for them. Just because we vote and elect a government doesn't mean they'll actually pay attention to our views, for very good reasons. Don't expect this to change any time soon...

they can still disagree with the people of spain though can't they? and they were never going to embrace their decision to pull out of iraq

Apparently the move has now been criticised for "giving false comfort to terrorists" - you really couldn't make this stuff up without repeated blows to the forehead with a copper mallet.

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