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20 Chicken McNuggets, Super Size Fries, regular Coke, Creme Egg McFlurry...

1827 kCal - bring it on :o)

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You fat git.

I had a quarter-pounder with cheese (large) meal and Coke, double cheeseburger and Big Mac last Sunday. How many calories is that?

That's 2085 kCal, and 90g of fat, you pig

Holy crap. My poor arteries.

um...a grilled chicken caesar salad...yummmm....and when I'm livin' on the edge...a double cheese burger and mc value fries...

Hope you enjoyed Disney, Ed...

I did. I saw AK play Nintendo 89 in a garage last night.

Gee, they sure know how to pull a crowd ;oP

Dammit! I can't get away from the place. Seriously.

Geezus. I think that's more KCals then I have in a day.

hm so here is a far-fetched off the topic question :
i believe you gave one of my friends an lj code(when they were still necessary) about a year ago or so. (knowing my luck that was probably many a person)- if so.. and you remember, his name was Brian and he was from minnesota. probably 18 at the time
if you have any idea if he still has the lj around somewhere.. what it is.. if he deleted it.. or if it is just being unused could you please give me that info.
trying to track him down somewhat.
guessing this is a very far-fetched thing. Suppose i am just a tad hopeful.

Sorry, I've had a look through all the live accounts which were started with one of my invite codes, and there's nobody called Brian, and nobody from Minnesota... So either he didn't use my code, or has since deleted it, and in either case I wouldn't know where he is.

thankyou for looking.
dun dun.. my search continues.

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