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So anyway...
I've been listening to a little Oasis. Specifically, "Stay Young". It's actually a dead ringer for "I Hope I Think I Know", also by Oasis. The chords in places are identical... What's up with that?

Anyhow, so, in other news, things remain the same. Life goes on. I just took the best part of £250 into the bank, and put it into my account - that ought to sort me out financially until the end of term, regardless of phone bills and the like. I hope :o)

Otherwise, today, I've been working on my AI assignment, playing a LOT of guitar, and just generally being a bum... Hooray for lazy students :o)

As for the guitar - I've been playing the following songs:

Live - They Stood Up For Love
Oasis - Half The World Away (I love the Am - C - E7 - Am progression)
REM - It's a Free World Baby
Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright
Oasis - Stay Young

Ah, love my guitar... :o)

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Ahh, if only I were as tallented as you are on the old twanger. Something to aspire to.

All (or at least, the three of those that I know, assuming the other two are as well) good songs :o)

I hope for your sake that it's the Oasis that you don't know - failure to know the other three songs might be fatal ;o)

I suggest you get Oasis' album The Masterplan - it's a collection of B sides, which surpasses anything else they've ever released :o)


Shall get that whenever I have extra money. (I haven't had extra money in about 5 years now)

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