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£763.74 council tax paid... £1420.03 to go....

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Ouch. What band are you on? Mine's on Band C and we pay £1,100

Oh and the person living with me is a student so we got a discount, so we're actuaslly paying around £850.

Did you get a discount, if there is anyone living with you is a student?

We're on band E, which I think is the 2nd most expensive? But either way, that's the price you pay for living in such a lovely house. Well, I say 'you' in an I don't way. But yeah, we do get a discount for the students living here, unfortunately one or two of us (not naming any names...) didn't fill in an online form for the council so they don't they have their exemption yet. It's still only 25% though, which still leaves a hefty sum for poor Jamie to fork out...

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