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More Weird Dreams
Had a really odd one last night.... Turns out, Dan, Chris, Mike and Grant all went to Warwick Uni. Me and James went to visit them, and found a bar that sold Tequila - it had been ages since we had had any, so we got three shots each. The Uni was actually identical to my school from ages 15 to 18. After our three drinks, there was a stampede back to the halls, so I went back with Chris and Dan. We got there, and these people were dispensing drinks. There was a guy who everybody called Inspector Gadget, who had removable limbs. It was all rather weird.

Then we took a car ride to Wycombe with this really hot girl, and went to the cinema to see some spy film. I sat next to the hot girl, and we were all hugging and stuff under this big blanket in the cinema for ages - it was well sweet :o). Anyhow, I inadvertantly put my hand on her leg (dunno why, it was an accident, although she didn't realise this), and she promptly removed it, and put it smartly down on my leg. I felt well rejected, until she kissed me. Which ruled beyond anything... :o)

Then suddenly I was in the spy movie - I was wearing a special suit which made me invisible to my enemies, but not to laser trip beam things. After I got to the end of a long corridor with many such lasers, I found my old school drink bottle. I then went through a door, and found myself in a huge courtyard, with a load of friends.

Then, these people wanted to cut down this forest, and myself and a few odd cartoon characters had to stop them. We managed it, but I dunno quite how - they tried to get a restraining order out on us so we couldn't save the forest, which they did because we originally came from Portugal (WTF?)...

All in all, very weird :o)

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You've got to be making that up! No dream can be THAT messed up, surely!

Nope. There's more too - little details like my leg getting stuck as I was making my way through the laser sensors, and the fact that I had a funny shaped gun, which could only fire when I disabled my invisibility suit. I was fighting the Russians in it, and it was a suit of their design. On my way to the cinema I passed a very large number of bollards. The parking lot at the school was identical to the one at a supermarket from one of my other dreams - bordered on three sides with shops, with an entrace which was an on-ramp to the motorway. Near Reading, I think, in previous dreams.

And there's more than that, too. I'm just not going to get into it, because it's all mundane :o)

Bizzare. That's quite ... realistic. Do you sleepwalk?

Not lately. However, I have been known to wake up, do things, go back to sleep, and not remember having done them. But not lately. As far as I remember ;o)

I honestly did believe that I deleted that LJ post in my sleep though... :o)

Well, as for getting up and doing things you have no recollection of doing, you're not alone. In fact it happens quite often, as I wake up 2 hours later than expected and see that my alarm clock has mysteriously been turned off while I was sleeping. Hmpf.

I often turn off my alarm clock in my sleep, either before or after it has gone off. That's why I put three alarm clocks in my room, in different places - I generally wake up enough then.

It's our mum: she turns off the alarm clock while you are sleeping, just like she hides our things in different places around the house. It is just attempts to mess us up.

Oh, plus, the cartoon characters involved included Lisa Simpson, and this spring type thing. The spring jumped off a tree with Lisa and the others in its coils, and then landed on the ground in the shape of a McDonnalds M, and moved along like that. Everybody was sat on the top of it, and Lisa kept on eating berries off the tops of the trees, saying how they were Vegetarian. The people who wanted to get a restraining order out because we were Portugese in origin were wrong - we were actually Spanish. We told them, but they didn't listen. They were about to chop down the trees, and we couldn't stop them, but then we crashed a car into one of their vans, and got a "Game Over: You Won!" message. Which was odd.

You want more? :o)

You have to be making it up. You said you would make things up if your life was as boring as mine ...

Nope, I'm not inventing it. Just relaying facts about my dream.

The bar we got the tequila from was raised up a lot higher than most bars, and we had to reach up to get our drinks. The drinks just slid down our throats, and didn't burn at all, which disappointed us. When everybody started running to the halls suddenly, I just kept following Chris back to his. Where he lived looked very much like a corridor from my primary school, and the guy with detachable hands was sat by where the door to the outside would have been if it was my primary school. One of us (I forget who) picked up one of his hands, and he got well pissed off at us.

Need more? :o)

Sounds like Andy, my mums finacee. He does various things in his sleep. Even hold fully inteligent conversations and act as if he is awake.

I've done that before, as I'm sure my Dad will say. I was a keen astronomer as a child, and I have once gone outside, observed the stars and moon through my telescope, and gone back to bed, and woken the next day with no recollection of it.

Weird, but cool :o)

I don't remember most of my dreams -- when I do they're either erotic or just plain fucked up ;o)

I remember all my dreams. I write them down in a book that I keep under my bed, so I'm used to being able to recall painstaking detail in them. I can remember way more about last night's one than I put in the post - for example, I know exactly what the hot girl looked like (very sexy), how she kissed (very well), how she smelled (very good), that sort of thing. But it's hard to put words around that...


I will do that once I increase my dream recall enough to remember ANYTHING. (You do that because of the lucid dreaming thing, right? Or is this just a side effect of keeping notes? I know it's a general rule of things to do for lucid dreaming)

Dreams mean a lot to me. As in, dreams are just as important to me as real life. As a consequence, I remember them well. For at least an hour afterwards, I can rembmer every detail, and if I write it down (as I do in my dream book, or these last two nights, my journal), then I can always remember it. The lucid dreaming is fairly random, and I don't know if it's connected...

Generally is

If you can remember what you dream, the next step is to, at different times in the day, ask yourself if you're dreaming. Run through a little list. "Can I fly? If I move the dial on my watch, does it operate right? Can I float?" and read random things like signs or random writing somewhere. Eventually this will get into your subconcious, and the more you do it (especially when you're in a situation you've been dreaming about recently) the more chances are you'll do it in a dream too and -- of course -- realize you're dreaming (and become lucid).

It's quite cool, really

See, this isn't how I do it. I never know it's a dream, but still control it. I'll either just start flying because I know I can, or I'll create objects out of thin air. I just think "Hey, I'll have a sandwich" and it's there - I don't think "Hey, this is a dream, I'll have a sandwich"...

Well, I suppose that's the "other side" to it. Like you know you can swim only when you're in the water, yet you don't think "Hey, I'm in the water, I can swim," you just swim. So I guess it could work that way too...

However, the point is, I can do that in all my dreams. I control them all. This is why my dreams are so important to me - because they very nearly always go how I want.

Ah, see, a lot of my dreams don't even feature me. I like them though -- they usually look like someone's acid trip, sometimes more normal. As I've said, my dreams are either erotic (I don't mean normal "dreaming of sex") or fucked up... but I like them. But I guess what I'm saying is that I'm not in them a lot, so maybe this is why it's harder for me to control them.

But I see your point :o)

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