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No, I'm not sleepy.. just bored by the current scientific "news".. I mean really, it's just the latest in a series of bollocks "discoveries" of large Kuiper Belt objects by large orbital telescopes... Apparently it's reignited the argument over how one defines a planet...

Now I was always under the opinion that planet meant "wandering star", i.e., an object regularly seen in the sky that moved independently of the regular tapestry of lights. Given the highly subjective nature of the definition, I really don't think you can call this new piece of space crap a planet. Could the ancient Greeks have observed it? Could the Romans? Could Copernicus have found it? No, it can only be detected using a telescope sitting in orbit. It doesn't fit into the whole mythology of what a planet really is... Perhaps an exception could be made if it wasn't effectively just a large rock in an asteroid field, but as it is, it's nothing unusual, special, or visible.

Anyway, that having been vented, I'm back off to sleep...


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