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How interesting
Did you know that when browsing people by location, the list prioritises people who've updated lately? Now, while I'm currently coming 8th in the UK right now, I'm sure I could do better if I just try. And as soon as I click this "Post" button, my mugshot will come to the top of the list. Which will be nice.

In related news, I just ate lunch (or whatever the meal at 6pm is when you've not eaten at all that day, and plan to eat in 6 hours time). I've also been strangling some more 'music' out of my guitar. Inspired by a couple of nice chord changes in an Oasis song (yes, I know, that's, like, bad, but not my fault), I decided to continue writing the song that I've got going right now. It's kinda based on David's life, because he basically personifies trashy songs :o)

I've spent a little time watching the video for Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff off the Take A Look Around CD - that vid just gets better and better. It's simple, yes, but the whole thing just looks cool. 'specially the 10 year olds using rude words. Very funny, or something... I dunno. I just like the song, so...

Now David has told me that he's going out tonight. So now I'll have nobody to talk to (well, probably...). Oh well, sod him, I'll just have to have fun on my own, or something. No, wait, that really didn't come out right. Oh well, I shall just have to continue being lonely.... Fun! Unless the girls come online... I really feel in the mood for chatting them up in a really obvious manner, for some reason...

Right now I'm wondering whether my family wanted anything recorded on TV tonight. I haven't got any tapes ready, and they didn't write anything down. Oh well, they come home in 6-8 days, so I'll be fed again properly....


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